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3 Ways to Survive Summer Travel

Summer is the perfect time of year to travel. Business is generally slow, so it’s a great opportunity to catch up with clients, business partners or to make new business contacts. On the other hand, it’s also the most common time of year for families to travel. Surviving summer travel as a professional isn’t too difficult when you take minor…

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The Importance of Self-Care During Business Travel

Anyone who travels for business on a regular basis knows the importance of taking care of themselves. However, it can still be difficult to do so with the demands of the trip and the unexpected events that come up. The first step to take is to book a professional car service so you won’t have to waste time waiting on…

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3 Ways to Survive a Long Flight

Frequent business travelers have to endure some long trips occasionally. Some extra planning and preparation are definitely needed when going on a long flight compared to a shorter one, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of extra items need to be packed. In fact, packing more items can weigh down your luggage and make you more uncomfortable to an…

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5 Ways Long Business Trips Differ From Short Trips

Most professionals who take frequent business trips are only gone for three or four days at the most. It’s easy to get into a routine of knowing what to pack, how to budget time and other considerations on a short business trip. However, when your business trip is a couple of weeks long, or even up to a couple of…

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Is There a Way to Balance Business Travel and Family Life?

Frequent business travelers often say the most challenging aspect of being away for so long is balancing travel with family life. It’s understandable to not feel like you have a great balance when you are constantly on the road or in the air. Making the most of your time when you’re with family will help tremendously, but there are also…

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The Benefits of a Corporate Car Service in the Winter

States across the country are feeling frigid temperatures this winter, and the cold weather isn’t going away any time soon. However, business must go on no matter what the weather is like. When you travel for business, utilizing your transportation network can make your travel more convenient and comfortable when you consider the winter weather elements you could experience. Here…

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Common Mistakes Business Travelers Make

Even the experienced business travelers will make mistakes every now and then when on the road. With so many moving parts, especially when traveling overseas, it’s difficult to get everything together to ensure a smooth experience. Utilizing the professional transport network is one way to help stay organized, since you at least know how you are going to get different…

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The Best Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling

Safety usually isn’t at the top of your mind when you’re on a business trip. However, that’s exactly the time when you should consider safety more than normal. You and your equipment and devices are more vulnerable when you’re on the road, and it’s easy for a thief to identify a business traveler. When you potentially have thousands of dollars…

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3 Reasons to Choose a Corporate Travel Company

Traveling for business can be a headache. With so many moving parts and commitments to keep track of, it can be very difficult to stay sane and remain productive. However, when you use a corporate transportation group, you can take the hassle out of at least one area of your business trip. In fact, when it boils down to it,…

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