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How to Avoid Jet Lag on Your Next Business Trip

Anyone who has made a long business trip has likely experienced at least a small amount of jet lag. Even traveling one time zone over from your current location can be difficult to adjust to. Some of the symptoms can vary among individuals, but most people will only experience fatigue or grogginess for a day or two. Avoiding jet lag…

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How to be as Productive as Possible on Your Next Business Trip

Productivity can sometimes be difficult to achieve on a business trip. Your schedule may be packed full of meetings and events to the point where you don’t have time to get anything else done. Planning ahead and making the most out of your limited time can boost productivity significantly. You may book a Stamford limo service to have a great…

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Current Trends in Corporate Travel

It seems like everything in the world around us is constantly evolving. With this evolution comes new trends in every aspect of life and business, including corporate travel. Businesspeople used to be satisfied with taking public transportation from the airport to their destination, and using it to get around the city during their visit. Now the preference is to use…

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The Importance of Self-Care During Business Travel

Anyone who travels for business on a regular basis knows the importance of taking care of themselves. However, it can still be difficult to do so with the demands of the trip and the unexpected events that come up. The first step to take is to book a professional car service so you won’t have to waste time waiting on…

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The Keys to Keeping Your Sleep Schedule While Traveling

Any business traveler knows the demands of going on a trip are extensive. You constantly have something on your schedule and have to squeeze in some free time to see local sights or simply unwind. One of the most challenging aspects of business travel is getting enough sleep. Sometimes a 15-20 minute power nap while getting transported by a New…

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5 Ways to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

With the demands of business travel, your daily routine can easily be thrown off course. One of the main things people forget to do when traveling is to drink enough water. Not only does the dry air conditioning on the airplane dehydrate you more than normal, but the fact that you may not actually sit down in one place long…

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3 Ways to Cut Cost on Business Travel

It may seem impossible to cut down on your travel budget, since there are many different necessities that are non-negotiable when traveling. Things like lodging, food, airfares, ground transportation and more are all essential costs. However, there are plenty of alternative ways to trim some of the costs in other areas of your business travel, as well as even some…

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Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier

The more you travel for business, the more you’ll learn about what travel accessories you need to make your life easier. Most professionals do some work while traveling, so having the right technology and other essential items is crucial for being as productive as possible. You should think about not only your time on the airplane, but also the time…

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Travel Tips from Hotel Managers

Any business traveler knows the more experience you have traveling, the better the overall trip will go, in most cases. However, there are still the possibilities of surprises at any given moment. Some of the best travel tips you can possibly get come from the professionals who specialize in travel and accommodations. Think corporate transportation and hotel managers. Here are…

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The Dangers of Ride Sharing Services

Many business travelers have used ridesharing services for various reasons. While these transport services may be convenient in some ways, they are far from being the best solution for business travel. Not only are they unreliable, but they can sometimes be unsafe. Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are starting to make news for the wrong reasons more frequently. Travelers…

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