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Tips to Remember When Traveling This Fall

Something as simple as a change in seasons may not seem significant, but it can greatly impact travel plans. Transitioning from the end of summer to the beginning of fall means busier airports, significant weather changes and much more. Using a corporate transport service can help ease the transition for travelers, but here are some other tips you should remember…

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Top Five Reasons Rideshares Are a Risky Choice

No matter where you’re at, it’s easy to get a ride nowadays. Rideshare companies make it easy to get from point A to point B, but what many corporate professionals don’t realize are the risks that come with using these services. Companies like Uber and Lyft may have some positives for the average person doing recreational activities. However, corporate professionals…

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Staying on Schedule is Key When Traveling

When you’re on a business trip, making a schedule and sticking with it will make your life much less stressful. Your day is likely packed with events, meetings and conferences. And if one runs a little longer than expected, it can seem like the whole day is out of sorts from that point forward. Staying on schedule is important when…

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How and How NOT to Travel for Work: A Quick Guide for First Timers

Traveling for work can be intimidating for everyone, and especially for people who haven’t done it before. Sometimes we take for granted all the resources available to us at the office. When it’s time to go out of town, it’s very easy to forget things. If this is your first time traveling for work, you’ve come to the right place.…

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How to Find the Best Corporate Transportation in 2017

If you’re going to have to use transportation for any corporate event in 2017, you might as well start thinking about it now. Finding the best car service isn’t difficult as long as you know exactly what you need. If you’re going to search for a transportation service anyway, you might as well find the best. Here are some helpful…

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5 Tips for Planning Your Corporate Travel for a Business Meeting

Planning a business meeting can be stressful. Figuring out how you’ll take care of your corporate transportation needs can be as well if you don’t use the resources available to you. A Long Island car service can help ease the stress of planning corporate travel for any business meeting. Here are some valuable tips to consider the next time you…

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Avoiding Stress During Corporate Travel

Traveling for business is always going to be stressful. With so many moving parts and places to be, you can’t help but feel at least a little stressed. But with a little planning and preparation, you can significantly reduce your amount of stress, if not avoid it completely. From organizing your documents to using a Westchester car service, here are…

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Limo Services are the Safer Alternative to Ride Share

Whether you’re personally traveling for business, or you have a client or business partner coming in to visit you, there are usually a few things you look for in a car service. You want to make sure the company you use is reliable, professional and, most of all, safe. You have a lot of options to choose from across the…

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Our Handy Guide to Using Any Corporate Car Service

Corporate car services are gaining popularity simply because of the convenience. Whether you have a corporate event or just need to pick someone up from the airport, corporate transportation is easy and reliable. However, with any professional service, there are several things you need to think about. Take these tips into consideration when you’re looking in to using a corporate…

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What Traits Should You Look for in a High-Quality Limo Service?

Whether you need to get from point A to point B for business or pleasure, using a Long Island car service is the best way to get there in style. However, you don’t want to get stuck with a second-rate company, especially if you are picking up a client or business partner from the airport. When you’re choosing a high-quality…

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