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The Best Ways to Stay Sane During a Long Layover

Having a layover can be beneficial to business travelers, especially if you’re in a large airport and have to walk a long way to get from one gate to another. However, layovers of more than a couple of hours can seem extensive, inconvenient and even drive you insane with boredom. Before you reach that point, consider certain activities you could do just in case you do have to go through a lengthy layover. If you know it ahead of time, you can utilize your transportation services to take you different places and make the time pass more quickly. Here are some other tips for keeping your sanity during a long layover.

Do Some Work

Grab the laptop or tablet and catch up on some work. If you plan on doing work when you get back home anyway, you can use this time instead so you can relax when you arrive. When you use a professional car service to get around, you know you can use that time to be productive, so take advantage of the time during an airport layover as well.

Treat Yourself

If you’re just not motivated to work during your layover, find an airport spa service or massage treatment and relax. You’ll feel less stressed and have a better frame of mind as a result. Plus, the layover time will seem much shorter since your time is being occupied with something you enjoy rather than just sitting and counting down the minutes.

Go Exploring

If you’re using a Long Island airport car service, tell them you’re having a long layover and ask them to pick you up to explore the city you’re in. You may only have time to grab a bite to eat or take a ride through downtown, but the time will pass quickly regardless. Any good professional car service should be willing to take you wherever you need to go or want to go, and they understand layovers can be grueling. Just be sure to tell your chauffeur your departure time from the airport so they can plan to get you back in plenty of time.

Make A New Friend

You won’t be the only one experiencing a layover, so take the time to find someone to talk to. This could be your chauffeur with the professional car service you use or just another passenger on the airplane you’re getting ready to board. Telling stories and learning something about a person can pass the time quickly, and you never know who you’re going to meet.

CORE Car wants to help you deal with a long layover as easily as possible. Our transportation services are designed to cater to our clients, so no request is unreasonable. We also offer flexibility, so you can let us know ahead of time about your layover or you can reach out to us as soon as you find out about it. Don’t hesitate to contact us to book your appointment for your next trip to see how we can enhance your travel experience.

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