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How to Avoid Jet Lag on Your Next Business Trip

Anyone who has made a long business trip has likely experienced at least a small amount of jet lag. Even traveling one time zone over from your current location can be difficult to adjust to. Some of the symptoms can vary among individuals, but most people will only experience fatigue or grogginess for a day or two. Avoiding jet lag can help you be more productive on your trip, and hiring a corporate transportation service can play a role in helping you. Here are some effective tips on preventing jet lag on your next business trip.

Eat And Drink Enough

Long flights can dehydrate the body due to the pressure in the cabin of the airplane. Drinking water on a flight even when you aren’t thirsty will help keep the body hydrated and alert, which can reduce fatigue upon arrival. It’s also important to eat a healthy meal the night before your trip so the body has the nutrients needed to promote quality sleep.

Get Some Exercise

You’re limited in the amount of exercise you can do while in the middle of a flight, but you can get up and walk around frequently to get the blood circulating. And once your NYC car service picks you up from the airport, have the driver take you to a nearby park to go for a walk or jog. You can also utilize the hotel’s fitness facility if it’s equipped with one. Getting your blood flowing again after a long flight is one of the most effective ways to prevent jet lag.

Soak Up Some Sun

Getting some sunshine can have a positive impact on your melatonin production, and in turn help your body adjust after a long flight. Instead of having your personal driver in NYC take you straight to your hotel, consider stopping at a park or another place to soak up some sun. You don’t have to spend a significant amount of time outside, especially if the temperature isn’t ideal, but just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors will go a long way in acclimating your body to the new time zone.

Acclimate Yourself To The New Time Quickly

One of the most effective ways in avoiding jet lag is to help your body get acclimated quickly. You can do this by adjusting your sleeping and eating schedule as needed rather than using your corporate transportation service to see the sights. Even if you aren’t hungry due to the time difference, eat anyway when it’s normally dinner time. And when it’s normally your bedtime local time, lay in bed until you fall asleep. It may be difficult the first day, but it’ll help you adjust tremendously and be fresh for the rest of your stay.

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