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3 Common Forgotten Travel Tips

Whether you’re a frequent business traveler or only have to take trips occasionally, being as prepared as possible can make for a much better experience. There are many moving parts and things to plan for when going on a trip, especially when you’re attending numerous corporate events during your trip. It’s easy to forget to pack something, not make a…

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How to Avoid Jet Lag on Your Next Business Trip

Anyone who has made a long business trip has likely experienced at least a small amount of jet lag. Even traveling one time zone over from your current location can be difficult to adjust to. Some of the symptoms can vary among individuals, but most people will only experience fatigue or grogginess for a day or two. Avoiding jet lag…

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The Best Ways to Stay Sane During a Long Layover

Having a layover can be beneficial to business travelers, especially if you’re in a large airport and have to walk a long way to get from one gate to another. However, layovers of more than a couple of hours can seem extensive, inconvenient and even drive you insane with boredom. Before you reach that point, consider certain activities you could…

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How to be as Productive as Possible on Your Next Business Trip

Productivity can sometimes be difficult to achieve on a business trip. Your schedule may be packed full of meetings and events to the point where you don’t have time to get anything else done. Planning ahead and making the most out of your limited time can boost productivity significantly. You may book a Stamford limo service to have a great…

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