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Current Trends in Corporate Travel

It seems like everything in the world around us is constantly evolving. With this evolution comes new trends in every aspect of life and business, including corporate travel. Businesspeople used to be satisfied with taking public transportation from the airport to their destination, and using it to get around the city during their visit. Now the preference is to use an airport car service in CT to get more of a personal experience. Here are some other trends in corporate travel you may or may not be aware of.

Finding Time For Fun Activities

Business trips are still focused on taking care of business. However, professionals are now finding time to fit in fun activities while they are traveling. In fact, some people even book their trip for a day or two longer just to ensure they are able to find time for fun. Incorporating fun into a business trip takes away some of the stress and demands, which can in turn increase motivation and boost performance. When you use a corporate transportation service, you have the flexibility to go where you want when you want.

Personal Car Services Versus Public Transportation

Public transportation generally isn’t an attractive option for businesspeople today. They instead prefer a Stamford limo service for various reasons. Some of those reasons include getting personalized service, knowing they will be on time and will always be treated with respect. Add in the fact that a corporate transportation service will typically have more amenities in the car and it’s easy to see why this type of transportation is much more preferred.

Professional Chauffeurs Are Preferred in General

Professional chauffeurs are trained to treat their passengers like royalty. This is welcoming for most businesspeople, since the demands of their job can be extremely stressful. Being catered to may not be something that happens all the time, so it’s comforting when the corporate transportation service treats you that way. Plus, having a professional chauffeur creates a sense of luxury, importance and exclusivity, which is always good to have when you are traveling with other professionals, clients or employees.

CORE Car is the top corporate transportation service because we cater to your needs in the most professional manner. Whether you need a Stamford limo service or just want a nice luxury vehicle to pick you up from the airport, we have an option for you in our fleet. We always stay ahead of the latest trends in corporate travel in order to serve our customers in the best manner possible. Be sure to contact us today to book your appointment and travel in style on your next business trip.

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