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3 Ways to Survive Summer Travel

Summer is the perfect time of year to travel. Business is generally slow, so it’s a great opportunity to catch up with clients, business partners or to make new business contacts. On the other hand, it’s also the most common time of year for families to travel. Surviving summer travel as a professional isn’t too difficult when you take minor steps to ensure you’re traveling as efficiently as possible. This could include the time of day you book your flight or which airport car service in CT you use. Here are three of the most effective ways to help you survive traveling this summer.

Depart Early and Mid-Week

If you want to have the best chance at avoiding flight delays, book your flights as early as possible on your departure day. A few minutes of delayed flights throughout the day can lead up to extensive delays in the afternoon and evening, so preventing these delays can be done by leaving earlier. Also, book your flights during the middle of the week, since airlines are typically busier closer to the weekend days. You’ll also be able to cherry pick your limo service when there aren’t as many people booking them.

Take Caution When Looking For The Best Deals

Every company or business owner needs to keep their budget in consideration when traveling. However, sometimes the best deals during the summer can lead to more problems than anything else. Airlines sometimes offer steep discounts during the summer to give families looking to go on vacation a reason to book with them. However, this can be problematic for professionals going on a business trip, since there’s a chance the airline will overbook. While great deals are hard to pass up, proceed with caution.

Use A Quality Transportation Service

Utilizing your transportation networks to find the best car service can save you both time and money. A quality airport car service in CT can help you avoid the crowds of people waiting in line for a public transportation service. Many people don’t plan their ground transportation ahead of time, which leads to extensive amounts of time waiting at the airport for one to arrive. Do yourself a favor and book a quality limo service in advance and you’ll save a significant amount of time and hassle getting to your destination.

CORE Car is the preferred corporate transportation service for professionals. We offer only the best fleet options and will go out of our way to serve you. Traveling during the summer can be stressful, but when you use our limo service, all of the hassle of transportation is taken away. To learn more about our fleet and to book your appointment, contact us today.

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