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Is Your Corporate Car Service Providing Everything You Need?

When you travel on a business trip, everything has to go smoothly in order to have the best experience. A lot of this depends on the corporate transportation service to provide you with everything you need. At the very least, you should never be late for an appointment and shouldn’t have to wait for your ride to arrive. But what else should your car service in NYC be doing for you? Here are some characteristics of the best corporate car services.

Flexible Planning

It’s very common for plans to change on a business trip. When you have a reliable and trustworthy personal driver in NYC, you can tell them your change of plans at the last minute and they will be able to accommodate you. So before you book a transportation service, ask them how flexible they are with schedule changes and how they are handled both operationally and from a financial standpoint.

Comfort and Safety

The best corporate transportation service will prioritize your comfort and safety. Ask about the service’s fleet and choose the vehicle that suits your needs. Whether it’s comfortable seats, upgraded amenities or anything else, your car service in NYC should go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable during your trip. And from a safety perspective, be sure to ask about the qualifications for their drivers and that the service is insured.

Service and Fee Transparency

The worst type of corporate transportation service is one you can’t trust because of lack of transparency. Hidden fees and lack of certain services can completely ruin a business trip, so work with a company that’s known for being transparent in both aspects. You should know the price you’re going to pay upfront, and if any extra fees are going to be incurred, there should be no question as to why they are applicable.

Knowledge of The Area

Finally, your personal driver in NYC should be familiar with the traffic and area in general. You may want to use your driver to take you to one of the best nearby restaurants, so having a knowledgeable driver is a great resource. Plus, when your driver knows about certain traffic jams or construction times, they can take alternate routes to ensure you remain on schedule for your appointments and meetings.

CORE Car goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs of every business person that chooses us. We understand the many challenges that go into traveling for business, and we strive to make corporate transportation easy. To learn more about our services and how we can create a great travel experience, contact us today.

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