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Characteristics of an Excellent and Professional Chauffeur

Any frequent business traveler has come across multiple different types of chauffeurs during their traveling experiences. If you’ve taken taxi cabs or even experienced rideshare programs, you likely know what a bad chauffeur is like. However, out of all the transportation services available, corporate transportation will give you some of the best professional chauffeurs experiences. You can choose a limo service because of their pricing, rewards program, selection of vehicles and more, but how the chauffeur treats you can make or break the experience. Here are some of the main characteristics of an excellent and professional chauffeur.

Exceptional Judgement With Every Passenger

Some chauffeurs think their only job is to greet their passenger, open the door for them, put away their luggage and get them to their destination. While those are the basic attributes, they don’t go above and beyond to create a good experience. The best personal driver in NYC will listen to each passenger and go out of their way to ensure they are comfortable. After a brief conversation, the chauffeur will be proactive in making sure their passenger has the amenities they desire. And of course, the chauffeur must be able to read signals to determine whether the passenger actually wants to interact with them.

Preparation To The Extreme

A personal driver in NYC should know their way around the city, but should also keep up with current traffic to ensure there are no surprises. There is no excuse for a chauffeur to make a business professional late to an event or meeting. The chauffeur should also know ahead of time what the passenger wants in the vehicle so they don’t even have to ask when they get in.

Focus on Details

Details can mean both inside and outside the vehicle, as well as how the personal driver in NYC interacts. The vehicle will always be spotless, the seat position will be comfortable and the temperature inside the vehicle will be ideal. A passenger should never have to ask for these things to be altered. With that being said, if a passenger does have to ask, then the chauffeur should respond right away.

Understands The Local Scene Thoroughly

Business professionals need to know where the best places are to eat, hang out or enjoy some entertainment. A resourceful chauffeur will be able to recommend different places after asking a couple of questions about what they like and what they want to do. A professional chauffeur will be remembered more as an excellent driver if they are able to help the passenger beyond just getting from point A to point B.

CORE Car offers transportation services geared to professional businesspeople. We understand what creates the best experience for you and will only hire and train our chauffeurs accordingly. To learn more about our drivers, our fleet, services and more, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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