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Can a Corporate Car Service Save Your Company Money?

With companies looking to save money in various parts of their organization, one of the main areas that often gets looked at is the corporate travel budget. Airline tickets, hotels and transportation can be costly, and many times it’s difficult to budget due to unexpected expenses. Many companies make the mistake of thinking corporate transport services are more expensive than taking a taxi or using a rideshare company for commuting. However, when you’re truly looking to save money, these corporate transport services provide significant financial benefits that aren’t always thought about.

Maximize Your Worker’s Time

A rental car is often the preferred means of transportation for business travel for many companies. While the cost of a rental may be attractive because of the price, it could actually be costing you money in other areas. Particularly, you or your employees can’t work while your driving, but you can when using a Stamford limo service. Maximizing your worker’s time will save money on the travel budget as well as helping the worker be productive while during travel.

Allow Employees to Work On-The-Go

The best corporate transport services will have built-in WiFi, outlets and charging ports to allow passengers to be connected. It’s possible your corporate events may not be in the same city as the airport you flew into, so an hour or more of drive time may be necessary. This is valuable time for employees to get some work done on the road. And if you have different meetings to attend throughout the day in multiple locations, work can be completed between the two while you’re getting transported by your CT airport service.

No Hidden or Unexpected Costs

Finally, taxi cabs and rental cars may seem like an attractive and inexpensive option, but the reality is the final bill at the end of the trip could be much higher than anticipated or budgeted for. Parking and toll bills can accumulate over the span of a few days when you’re on your business trip. And if you have a rental car instead of a CT airport service, you’ll have to fill it up with gas before returning it. With corporate transport services, all of the planning is done ahead of time, so you know exactly what the bill will be. All of the parking and toll bills are taken care of, and you’ll never be surprised with additional charges.

CORE Car strives to create the best travel experience possible for business travelers. We will be completely honest and transparent with you throughout the process, and you’ll never have to worry about being surprised with pricing. If you have any questions or are ready to book your next trip, contact us today to get the process started.

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