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3 Benefits of Hiring an Airport Car Service for Your Clients

If you have a current or prospective client coming to town, it’s time to pull out all the stops to impress them. You have to operate with the understanding that every move you make will be judged, so ensuring everything runs smoothly is critical. Using a car service from JFK to Manhattan is a great start, but you have to also ensure the car service will be available throughout the duration of your client’s trip. Hiring an airport car service for your client is more than just a good gesture. Here are three benefits of doing so.

Make A Great First Impression

You could call a rideshare company to pick up your client, but that wouldn’t make a very good first impression. Using a town car service in NYC instead will wow them from the very beginning and set the tone for the entire trip. A corporate transport service will almost always have more professional chauffeurs to help with your client’s belongings and will treat them with the utmost professionalism compared to a rideshare company. The airport is the first chance to impress your client, so take advantage of it.

Prioritize Your Client’s Safety and Comfort

Your client likely has a couple bags with many important documents, files, technology and more. Be sure to send them a corporate transport vehicle with enough space to spread out comfortably and keep their belongings safe. Plus, your client will feel safe and secure when they see you didn’t just select any company to pick them up from the airport. The professionalism from the chauffeur will give them the confidence they will arrive safely, timely and comfortably.

Enhance Your Company’s Image

The details of every decision you make will likely be scrutinized by your client. When you choose a luxury vehicle from a town car service in NYC to pick them up from the airport, you’ll give off the impression your company only works with the best. You never truly know what your client is looking for when it comes to your company image, so it never hurts to go a little over the top at times.

CORE Car offers everything you need to make a great impression on your client throughout the duration of their visit. From the moment our chauffeur picks them up at the airport to the moment they are dropped off to depart, we will act on your behalf to ensure your client has a memorable experience. We would love the opportunity to partner with you to make your client feel comfortable on their trip, so contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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