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How the Next Generation is Changing Business Travel

Hotels and travel companies across the country have to provide services to meet the demands and requirements of their audience. For many years, baby boomers have been the majority of business travelers. However, the next generation is beginning to take over and these companies are having to adjust their strategies for marketing and service.

This next generation is commonly referred to as millennials. While they operate similarly in some ways, they are vastly different in other ways. Every good corporate transportation group has already adjusted by providing more connectivity, more personalized service and ensuring they deliver a great value. These are characteristics the majority of millennials look for when traveling for business, and here’s why.

Millennials Need To Be Connected

There aren’t many things more frustrating to a millennial than not having WiFi wherever they go. When they use a car service in NYC, they expect the car to have WiFi and ports to be able to charge their devices. The same goes for hotels, restaurants, meeting venues and anywhere else they go during their trip. Companies have to adjust to these demands by offering connectivity in order to satisfy the needs of this new generation of business travelers.

Personalized Customer Service is Required

Millennials get a bad name in general since many people view them as always having their heads buried in a mobile device and not paying any attention to the world around them. However, this generation also needs to have a personalized experience anywhere they go in order to view the service as exceptional. The best corporate transportation group will cater to millennials by offering the services they need and going the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.

Value Over Cost

In general, millennials are willing to spend a little more money if they get a good value in return. This is why a car service in NYC is a popular choice for millennials, since the service and experience provided is much better than taking public transportation or using rideshare services. On the same hand, millennials will take their time when choosing a corporate transportation group to ensure every dollar they are paying is worth it. From the amenities to the experience, and from the reviews to the cost, this generation does their research before making business travel decisions.

CORE Car understands the next generation, which is why we are the preferred corporate transportation group when searching for a “car service near me.” Our fleet includes many different offerings that can be personalized to meet your needs, and we will provide unmatched service and value. Give us a chance to prove it to you and contact us today to book your appointment for your next business trip.

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