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The Keys to Keeping Your Sleep Schedule While Traveling

Any business traveler knows the demands of going on a trip are extensive. You constantly have something on your schedule and have to squeeze in some free time to see local sights or simply unwind. One of the most challenging aspects of business travel is getting enough sleep. Sometimes a 15-20 minute power nap while getting transported by a New Jersey car service can work wonders, but even that is difficult at times. Getting the right amount of sleep is important in many ways, and here are some suggestions to help you achieve it.

Ask For More Bedding

One way to keep your sleep schedule is to replicate your hotel bed as closely as possible to your bed at home. Of course, you’re not going to get it exactly the same in most cases, but there’s never any harm in asking the receptionist for extra bedding. After a long day of attending corporate events, you need a nice comfortable bed to relax in and get some much needed sleep.

Put Away Your Devices As The Day is Ending

You’re likely connected to your laptop or other mobile devices all day long during a business trip, even when you’re getting from one place to another in a limo service. However, when your work day has concluded, put away your devices before you go to bed. Looking at a screen within an hour of going to sleep can alter your sleep pattern negatively since it activates your brain.

Nap When You Can

Accumulating sleep may be necessary if you can’t get many consecutive hours of sleep. An advantage of using a limo service is you can take short naps as you’re being transported to different venues throughout the day. These little naps will go a long way in keeping you alert and ensuring you’re rested enough to handle the demands of all the corporate events you have to attend.

Reduce Stress By Preparing For Your Trip

Many business travelers don’t prioritize or plan for sleep. This can start by getting enough sleep prior to going on your trip to begin with, just to ensure you start the trip on the right note. Other preparation tips include booking a New Jersey car service in advance, ensuring your hotel reservation is confirmed and you’ve packed everything you need. Time is of the essence when traveling, and if you have to waste time waiting for transportation or other things, you’re wasting valuable sleep time.

CORE Car wants to help you keep your life as normal as possible when you’re on a business trip. We know how much corporate events can take a toll on your body and sleep schedule, so you’ll never have to wait on us to pick you up. The best thing you can do to prepare for a trip is to get your transportation lined up, so contact us right away when you are aware of your next business trip.

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