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3 Ways to Survive a Long Flight

Frequent business travelers have to endure some long trips occasionally. Some extra planning and preparation are definitely needed when going on a long flight compared to a shorter one, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of extra items need to be packed. In fact, packing more items can weigh down your luggage and make you more uncomfortable to an extent. When you consider your arrival, think about how you’re going to get all of your luggage to your Stamford limo service that’s waiting for you. Keeping your packing habits reasonable is still important. Here are some other tips for surviving a long flight.

Dress For Comfort

Dressing comfortably is probably the best decision you can make prior to a long flight. Fashion may be important to you when you arrive at the airport and get into your airport car service in CT, but the actual flight isn’t the time to be fashionable. Think about what you wear when you’re at your house on a lazy day. You don’t necessarily have to wear your pajamas on the flight, but definitely find the next closest thing in terms of comfort to wear.

Get Some Sleep and Food

Even though you’re just sitting on an airplane for 10+ consecutive hours, you may find yourself exhausted a couple hours into it. Invest in some sleep aids if you have trouble sleeping on an airplane. Items like earbuds, a small pillow, a blanket and an eye mask can be necessary survival tools for your long flight. Getting some decent sleep will ensure you’re ready to go when your Stamford limo service arrives to pick you up from the airport.

Eating and drinking enough are also essential on long trips. Flight attendants will come by frequently to offer snacks, but have some of your own as well. Starving yourself is no way to start off a business trip, so be sure you have enough to hold you over until you arrive.

Bring Some Entertainment

Bringing entertainment like books, an iPad, laptop or anything else that entertains you can make the flight go by much faster. You may think you’ll be able to work the entire time you’re flying, but the reality is you won’t get as much done as you think. Focusing your mind on other things that relax you will help you deal with the extended flight and feel refreshed when you hop into your airport car service in CT.

CORE Car wants to be the first company you think about when you consider your transportation network. Whether you’re taking a short flight or a long flight, we will treat you with the respect you deserve and provide the ultimate comfort vehicle with all the amenities you need. For more tips on business travel in general, or to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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