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The Best Ways to Avoid Airport Delays

Anyone who partakes in business travel knows airport delays are going to happen at some point. You can’t necessarily avoid certain unexpected delays, but there are some steps you can take to minimize the chances of them happening. Utilizing your transportation networks is one way to do so, in order to avoid long lines for public transportation. Here are some things to remember to avoid airport delays as much as possible when you book your next business trip.

Book Early Flights

Unless there’s a significant weather event or another major event happening, all airline flights for the day will begin on time. However, as the day continues, problems and delays can compound, meaning a later flight has a better chance of being delayed than an earlier one. In order to give you the best chance to depart on time, book the earliest flight you possibly can. And use an airport car service in Long Island to get you there!

Factor in Peak Travel Times

Peak travel times, like weekends and holidays, will force you to get to the airport earlier and stand in longer lines. You’ll likely have to use your airport car service in Long Island several hours before your flight takes off just to ensure you can get through the security line with enough time left to get to your gate. Delays are going to happen during peak travel times, so try to book your business trips around them if possible.

Avoid Checking Bags if Possible

Airlines lose luggage more often than you’d think. Plus, it can take another 30 minutes from the time your plane lands to the time your luggage finally comes around on the conveyor belt. Consider this when packing, and try to fit everything you need into a carry-on bag. You could save yourself a significant amount of time at the airport as a result.

Use Corporate Transportation

You’ll likely see long lines of people outside of any given airport at any given time. Those people are waiting for taxi cabs and other forms of public transportation. Skip those lines and book a Long Island car service in advance to be ready for you when you arrive. Using transportation networks to your advantage can potentially save you hours in the airport during your arrival and departure times.

CORE Car knows business people don’t have time to be waiting around. When you book our Long Island car service, we will ensure our chauffeur is ready for you well in advance of your arrival time and will get you back to the airport promptly when it’s time for you to leave. Be sure to contact us to see how we can eliminate some of the common airport delays for your next business trip.

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