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5 Ways to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

With the demands of business travel, your daily routine can easily be thrown off course. One of the main things people forget to do when traveling is to drink enough water. Not only does the dry air conditioning on the airplane dehydrate you more than normal, but the fact that you may not actually sit down in one place long enough to drink a bottle of water can also lead to dehydration. The good thing is when you use a New Jersey car service, you can take some time to rehydrate as you’re going to your next meeting. Here are some other tips to help you stay hydrated while traveling.

Take Advantage of Free Drinks

Most airlines will offer free water, coffee or some sort of juice. Take advantage of this and always accept whatever is being offered. You may not have many other opportunities to sit peacefully and drink, so this is the time to store some fluids. Any type of drink provides much needed fluids, so don’t worry about caffeine content, sugars or anything else at this point unless there are health reasons why you need to.

Pack Plenty of Fluids

Once you get through airport security, buy a few bottles of water to drink while you’re waiting on your flight. There are usually plenty of water fountains as well throughout airports, so stop frequently to wet your mouth. Since you can’t bring your own bottles of water through security, stock up for your trip once you pass through the security line, since you don’t know if you’ll have time to do so once you reach your destination.

Start Your Trip Hydrated

As you’re getting ready to head to the airport, be conscious of the amount of water you drink. If you’re using transport services to take you to the airport, take some fluids with you to drink along the way. You don’t want to start off your trip dehydrated, because chances are it will get worse before it gets better.

Be Conscious of The Foods You Eat

You can help yourself out by eating foods with a high water content. Fruits are great to consume while traveling, as well as yogurt, salad, soups and more. You can eat many of these foods between meetings as you’re traveling with your New Jersey car service, since they are small and easy to handle. The main thing to remember is to avoid salty foods as much as possible since they naturally dehydrate the body.

Drink Water Between Meetings

As difficult as it may seem, you need to take advantage of any downtime between meetings to hydrate yourself. And if possible, take a small bottle of water into your meetings. If different events are located across the city, then use your transport services to your advantage to consume a few more fluids.

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