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5 Ways Long Business Trips Differ From Short Trips

Most professionals who take frequent business trips are only gone for three or four days at the most. It’s easy to get into a routine of knowing what to pack, how to budget time and other considerations on a short business trip. However, when your business trip is a couple of weeks long, or even up to a couple of months, you’ll have to make some adjustments. Not only will you get to know your personal driver in NYC more, but you’ll also learn more about yourself. Here’s how short business trips differ from long ones.

More Downtime

When you’re gone for several weeks, the events and meetings tend to be more spread out. The result is having more downtime. Of course, you could always use the downtime to do more work, but you could also use your car service in NYC to see some sights. Some business travelers struggle with the extra downtime, so you’ll have to find something to occupy your time.

Your Eating Habits Can Change

On shorter business trips, it’s great to eat out at new restaurants every night. However, doing so could get old quickly over the course of a few weeks. Some nights you may simply want to eat a sandwich or a salad. Luckily, your personal driver in NYC can accommodate anything you need.

You Have More Time For Activities

Longer business trips give you the opportunity to explore more. Take advantage of your transportation network and go hiking, fishing or do any other activities the city you’re visiting offers. These are opportunities you usually don’t have on shorter trips, so it will break up the trip considerably the more active you are.

Find Things To Do

Your car service in NYC can suggest various things to do while you’re visiting. Sitting around at your hotel won’t create any memorable experiences, so use your time to explore things you are interested in. No matter where you travel, there are always plenty of things to do. You just have to find them.

You Can Keep Fitness Habits on Track

Believe it or not, many business travelers find it easier to keep exercising and fitness habits on schedule when they travel on longer trips. There will likely be more time to fit in exercising, and you will also feel more at home when your routine doesn’t get altered as much.

CORE Car is here for you whether you’re on a short business trip or an extended one. We understand there are adjustments that need to be made depending on the duration of your trip, and we want to help in any way we can. Be sure to contact us to learn about our fleet and offerings so we can serve you on your next business trip.

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