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Compare the Benefits of a Corporate Car Service to the Inconvenience of Car Rental

There are many different considerations you have to make when planning out a business trip. One of the most important considerations is what your transportation accommodations will be. Renting a car is one of the most common options travelers think of, but corporate transport services have plenty of benefits as well. In fact, using a Manhattan car service will take away a lot of the concerns people have about car rentals. Here are the benefits of a corporate car service compared to the inconveniences offered by a car rental.

Navigation Concerns

Unless you’ve visited the city numerous times, you aren’t going to know where you’re going. A GPS in a rental car can help you get from point A to point B, but you can’t anticipate the culture of the drivers in a new city. The traffic could be much different from what you’re used to as well, which could increase some anxiety. Plus, you’ll have to spend time finding a place to park, which can be a nightmare in some cities. With corporate transport services, you don’t have to worry about any navigation or parking concerns. Just tell your driver where you need to be, and they will get you there in the most efficient manner possible.

Think About Comfort

You deserve to be comfortable on your business trip, and you can’t guarantee that with a rental car. Whether you just need a car service from JFK to Manhattan or need one to chauffeur you around for an entire week, a corporate car service will provide you the comfort you simply can’t get from a rental car.

Safety Issues

Most car rental companies do a thorough inspection of each car before you get behind the wheel. However, you never truly know how safe you are in a new city and in an unfamiliar vehicle, which can be a little unnerving. With a Manhattan car service, you know your luxury vehicle has been well-maintained and your driver has been trained to provide you with the safest experience possible.

Cost Considerations

One of the biggest inconveniences of a car rental is not being able to completely budget for your trip. In addition to the rental cost, you have to think about additional fees like insurance, fuel, parking, tolls and other considerations. All of these are minor costs that can add up over the duration of the trip. But with corporate transport services, you simply tell the company your travel plans and they will give you the final price with no surprises.

CORE Car provides business travelers with all of these benefits and more. We strive every day to exceed any expectations our clients have with corporate transport services. The result is creating the best overall experience for each and every trip our clients take. Be sure to contact us today to book your next business trip hassle free instead of dealing with the inconveniences of renting a car.

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