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Traveling Mistakes to Avoid This Year

Traveling for business is difficult by nature, but some common mistakes travelers make can cause it to be even more difficult. Something as simple as booking a CT airport service rather than relying on public transportation can help get your trip started off the right way and make the entire experience smoother. Here are some of the top traveling mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

Packing Too Much

It’s easy to overpack, especially when you’re uncertain about how your trip is going to shake out. Do as much as you can to know the schedule of events, how the weather is going to be and what you’re going to do once your business events have concluded each day. Your corporate transportation service will be able to handle numerous bags for you, but they won’t be there for you during your meetings or at your hotel room when you need to find certain items.

Not Packing Enough

Not considering the weather conditions or other factors outside of your control can make for a miserable trip. Underpacking and being uncomfortable your entire trip can take your focus away from why you’re going on the trip in the first place. Using a car service in CT can help you gather yourself, but you always need to at least be prepared for dressing according to the weather.

Relying on Public Transportation

It’s easy to think you can just rent a taxi cab to get to your destinations. However, you may be attending multiple events requiring you to arrive timely. When you rely on public transportation, there’s no guarantee you’ll arrive anywhere on time and you’ll be scrambling and stressing every step of the way. Instead, rely on a corporate transportation service. They will be waiting for you according to your schedule and will take as much stress out of your transportation accommodations as possible.

Opting for Rideshare Companies Instead of Corporate Transportation Services

There’s a time and place to use a rideshare company, but your business travel is not one of them. You never really know what type of person will be picking you up, whether the driver has a sense of urgency or whether they care about your actual schedule. But when you opt for a car service in CT, you’ll know the quality of vehicle, driver and service will be top notch and take a lot of stress and worries off your mind.

CORE Car makes business travel easier for business people every day. There are many mistakes people can make when traveling for business, but using our car service in CT isn’t one of them. We will prove it to you from the first time you call us to book an appointment until we drop you off at your final destination. Don’t hesitate to contact us to book your next appointment and avoid making some critical travel mistakes.

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