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Tips for Easier Airport Pick Ups

One of the worst parts about traveling for business is navigating through the airport upon arrival or departure. There are so many moving parts and crowds to deal with, and it’s easy to lose track of time as a result. And if you choose to wait for a taxi service or a shuttle, you may be waiting for a long time.

When you’re traveling to Connecticut, using a Stamford limo service can help make your ground transportation plans much easier. Just give the service your flight schedule and they will be ready for you as soon as your airplane lands. Here are some other tips to make the airport pickup process much less stressful.

Provide Enough Contact Information

When you’ve booked a limo in Connecticut in advance, be sure to give your driver enough contact information in case they need to get in touch with you. The driver may be aware of a gate change in advance, so they can relay the information to you accordingly. But at the very least, they can get in touch with you to let you know exactly where they are to pick you up to minimize wait time.

Discuss Where To Meet Your Driver

Keeping the communication lines open with your Stamford limo service will make airport pickups much more efficient. The most popular place to be picked up is at the baggage claim, but you can let your driver know to meet you at a different location to avoid the crowds and make it more convenient for you.

Always Confirm Your Flight Schedule

Flight schedules change often, and sometimes with very little notice. Be sure to inform your car service of any significant schedule changes so they can plan accordingly. And especially inform them as soon as possible if your flight has been cancelled.

Keep Your Chauffeur Informed

In general, there’s no harm in providing more information than necessary to your chauffeur. Professional car services understand the importance of timeliness and want to help you be as efficient as possible. No matter if it’s the car service to JFK from CT or vice versa, your chauffeur can help you out more if they are informed of your plans.

CORE Car wants to be your top option when you choose a limo in Connecticut. Our professional drivers will ensure your airport pickup goes as smoothly as possible, so you can focus on the important things on your business trip. When you’re traveling to Connecticut for business, contact us to book an appointment to make your ground transportation experience stress-free.

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