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Every Business Traveler Should Have These Apps

Every business traveler needs to plan ahead before they go on a business trip. But when you’re focused on the meetings, events and other things you have to do when you arrive at your destination, some of the other details can get overlooked. Downloading and using certain apps on your mobile device can help keep you organized, whether it’s your flight time or making sure your transportation network is on the same page. Here are a few of the most popular apps every business traveler should have on their device.


So many companies and individuals use Skype today, and it’s only going to become more popular. Whether you need to use it for video conferences or to just check in with your family or co-workers back at home, Skype can help you do it anywhere in the world. What makes this app great is you can have voice calls, video calls or even instant messaging at the same time your personal driver in NYC is taking you to your destination.


AwardWallet is a great app to help keep your loyalty rewards in one place, assuming you travel frequently. You may have accumulated credit card rewards, frequent flyer miles or other types of loyalty points over the years. Having all of this information in one convenient location can give you a quick reference point so you never have to question what you have available. And just like using a corporate car service in NYC when you’re on a business trip, AwardWallet gives you one less thing to worry about.


If you need more organization in your life, TripIt is your go-to app. This app allows you to store virtually anything about your trip in one convenient location, such as your flight schedule, flight tickets, hotel reservation and even your transportation network reservation. TripIt could end up being the app you use the most every time you go on a business trip.


When you need a corporate car service in NYC, you owe it to yourself to download the CORE Car app. Our app makes transportation much easier from the moment you know you have to travel all the way until your trip has ended. Whether you need to make a new reservation, update an existing reservation or contact your driver for any reason, you can do it with our simple-to-use and convenient app.

CORE Car wants to make every business trip you take a good experience. Whether it’s through our app or being treated like royalty by a personal driver in NYC, we will ensure you have a great transportation experience on your trip. The next time you’re traveling to NYC for business, contact us in advance and download our app for hassle-free travel.

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