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Top Five Reasons Rideshares Are a Risky Choice

No matter where you’re at, it’s easy to get a ride nowadays. Rideshare companies make it easy to get from point A to point B, but what many corporate professionals don’t realize are the risks that come with using these services. Companies like Uber and Lyft may have some positives for the average person doing recreational activities. However, corporate professionals would be much better off using a professional car service in NYC instead. Here are the top five risks of using rideshares as a corporate traveler.

Driving Records

You never know the driving record of your rideshare driver when you get in the vehicle with them. Since rideshare companies don’t require any sort of professional driving qualifications, you are taking a huge risk when stepping foot inside the vehicle. Are they checking the driver’s record? Compare this to a corporate transportation service, where every driver undergoes extensive background tests and training before they are allowed to pick up their first passenger.

Safety Risks

Rideshare drivers are considered independent contractors. So if an accident happens while on the road, the actual rideshare company does nothing in terms of liability to protect you as the rider. Does the independent contractor by the company that may not have checked the driver’s driving record, have commercial insurance? Will you be protected if they don’t have commercial insurance?

Background Checks Aren’t Extensive

Rideshare companies may claim to do background checks on their drivers, but studies have indicated the checks aren’t too extensive. In fact, these studies have found several drivers with criminal records. On the other hand, when you use a professional car service, you can feel confident knowing your personal driver in NYC has gone through a thorough and extensive background check.

Unknown Vehicle Condition

Every rideshare company has guidelines for its drivers when it comes to the condition of the vehicle. However, you truly never know what condition the vehicle is going to be in when it arrives. If you’re meeting with clients, business partners or other professionals, you want to make sure you make a good impression. Using a rideshare is risky because you simply don’t know what vehicle will be picking you up.

Timeliness Isn’t Guaranteed

When you request to be picked up by a driver from a rideshare company, they will give you an estimated timeframe when they will be there. Compare this to a corporate transportation service, where you can schedule your pickup time in advance, so you don’t have to worry about being late to an event. Rideshare drivers aren’t designed for transporting professionals, so timeliness isn’t their top priority.

CORE CAR operates completely different from rideshare companies. All of our drivers undergo extensive background checks, and you’ll never have to worry about the vehicle being in poor condition when it arrives to pick you up. Best of all, we are not just on time, we are 15 minutes early for all trips! If you need a car service in NYC for your next business trip, be sure to contact us to set up your appointment, rather than taking a risk on a rideshare company.

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