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Our Guide to Choosing the Right Corporate Car Service

Traveling for business is much easier when you use the right corporate car service. The good thing is if you do your research and legwork upfront to find the best company, then you shouldn’t have to do it anymore since you can rely on them for future trips. It can be tempting to use just any CT airport service you find online and hope they do a good job. But when you’re running late or have a tight schedule, you need a reliable car service to be there for you. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right corporate car service to fit your needs.

Look For Great Communication

When you call a limo service in Connecticut, take special note about how quickly they answer, how thoroughly they answer your questions and try to get a general sense of whether they have your best interests in mind. The car service should ask you enough questions about your trip and schedule where you feel confident they will be there for you. If you have to provide all the information without being asked these important questions, it’s hard to have confidence they will be able to handle your requirements.

Consider Their Fleet

Depending on the purpose of your business trip, you may just need a basic car for transportation, or you may need the best limo in Connecticut. Of course, this depends on whether you’re taking out clients or business partners or traveling by yourself. Regardless, look at the car service’s fleet online and call them to verify the availability. The sign of a good corporate transportation service is having the options you need at any given time.

How Flexible Are They?

Business travel has many different twists and turns. You can set a schedule as much as possible, but any little bump can throw you off course quickly. Your CT airport service should ask you about your schedule, but they should also indicate they have flexibility. You should feel like you have a personal chauffeur to fit your needs rather than simply a driver who has a busier schedule than you.

Always Look At Previous Customer Feedback

You can find out a lot about a limo service by reading reviews on their website and on other third-party review websites. Of course, you can’t take every single review seriously, but you can get a good idea of the type of service they provide by reading through several reviews.

At Core Car, our goal is to be the best CT airport service you’ve ever had on a business trip. We work our schedule around yours, so you don’t have to stress if your meetings are running a little late. Our fleet will satisfy any corporate transportation needs as well, so contact us today to book your transportation for your next business trip.

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