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How and How NOT to Travel for Work: A Quick Guide for First Timers

Traveling for work can be intimidating for everyone, and especially for people who haven’t done it before. Sometimes we take for granted all the resources available to us at the office. When it’s time to go out of town, it’s very easy to forget things. If this is your first time traveling for work, you’ve come to the right place. We have several tips for what to do and not to do on your first business trip.

Make Your List of Things to Accomplish

You may not be a to-do list person, but you need to become one when you travel. When you’re bouncing around among different corporate events, you’re bound to forget something. Some people even forget where they park so they show up late to the next event! This is a great reason for your company to use transportation services for business travel to ensure time isn’t wasted.

Stay on Schedule as Much as Possible

It can be easy to get distracted when you’re in a new city. While you do need to set aside some time for you to have fun, you need to stay on schedule as much as possible. You’re there for a specific purpose and need to stay on the right path. You could consider hiring a town car service in NYC so you won’t be tempted to go off on your own and get distracted.

Don’t Pack Too Much

First time business travelers always overpack. There’s a fine line between packing what you need and packing way too much. Try to fit everything into one bag if you can. Or at the very least, one large bag and a smaller handheld bag for essentials. You don’t want to be unloading several bags when transportation services come by to pick you up. Also, you definitely don’t want to go searching through all your bags to try to find a single item, since you can’t remember where you put it.

Don’t Be Too Casual or Overly Professional

In general, first timers tend to be overly professional when traveling for work. Find a good balance when packing so you don’t stand out among the crowd. The last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself. Unless, of course, your sole purpose is to draw attention to yourself.

At Core Car, we cater to experienced business travelers as well as the first timers. Our transportation services can get you to and from corporate events with ease, so be sure to contact us to schedule an appointment.

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