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Uber’s Data Breach Puts Your Company At Risk

Back in 2014, Uber came across a data breach that affected roughly 50,000 drivers across the United States. One of the most controversial aspects of the investigation was the use of a “god view” tool, which showed the locations of Uber cars and allowed drivers to access rider history logs. The result of the investigation into Uber’s security policies ended with a $20,000 fine, but is that really enough to give today’s riders peace of mind?

The Data Breach Investigation Doesn’t Make Riders Safer

Just because the investigation is complete doesn’t make Uber any safer. This was just one blemish in what could virtually be numerous other things riders don’t know about. If you still choose to use Uber for your business trips instead of a professional car service in Stamford, CT, you could be putting your company in a potentially serious predicament.

Why Your Company is at Risk

Your company may have used Uber during the investigated timeframe instead of using a car service in CT. It’s possible that your company’s information was widely available and could have fallen into the hands of the wrong person. You can’t control that anymore, but you can control what car service you use on business trips now and in the future.

When you give your company’s information to another company, you have to trust they will only use it for its intended purpose. With Uber’s tarnished reputation, it’s difficult to put trust in them when you provide them with sensitive information, like credit card numbers.

Alternative Options for Business Trips

Instead of worrying about the security of your confidential company information, try a Stamford limo service instead. It’s perfect if you have a group, or if you just want to impress a business partner or client. Just make sure the car service you use has a longstanding reputation of excellent service so you don’t become a victim of identity theft or put your company at risk of any data breaches.

At Core Car, we have an extensive reputation and only utilize the cutting edge in software and e-security. The next time you need a professional car service in CT, be sure to contact us for a great experience.

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