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Uber Robberies Are Still Hurting Riders

It seems like every day you watch the news or read stories online, you’ll see Uber in it for the wrong reasons. If it’s not a sexual assault, it’s a robbery or some other kind of scandal. The reality is some Uber drivers are either able to get around the background checks, or Uber doesn’t take them as seriously as the public is led to believe. Uber drivers are getting more creative with their criminal tactics as well, which makes it even more difficult for riders to have peace of mind when getting in a vehicle with a stranger.

Trouble With Uber Won’t Stop Anytime Soon

Not all Uber drivers are bad. However, with the rise in both the popularity of rideshare companies and the frequency of business trips, the door for more crimes remains wide open. Unlike using a car service in Stamford, CT, a rider really doesn’t know who they are getting in the vehicle with when they schedule an Uber ride.

A recent case suggested the driver offered a rider some water, which may been laced with drugs. When the driver dropped off the rider at his home, she went in and burglarized it while the rider was incapacitated. These types of crimes simply don’t happen with a professional car service in CT.

Alternatives to Rideshare Services

Uber may be convenient, but there are other alternatives, such as a Stamford limo service. While a limousine service may seem much more expensive than an Uber ride, you may be surprised, CORE CAR rates are very competitive.

Limo Services Can Keep You Safer

When you use a Stamford limo service such as Core Car, you can rest assured we’ve taken every precaution to ensure your trip is as safe as possible. All of our chauffeurs have been carefully vetted in terms of background, licensing and experience. No driver makes it among our ranks without a license issued by a local, TLC-affiliated office and a thorough background check. In fact, by seeking out TLC licensing, our drivers can be that much more accommodating to you. TLC offices not only run extensive background checks, but educate drivers on how to meet passengers’ needs on multiple levels, from disability management, to interacting with clients on a professional but personable level, to simply knowing how to navigate the area as efficiently as possible.

Once we’ve gathered prospective drivers, we even run a second background check on them to be sure they’re safe and qualified to work for us and you. We provide them with even more training so they can meet your needs as effectively as possible and securely get you from Point A to Point B. All of our staff is trained to drive defensively and deliver quality customer service. Furthermore, our drivers are monitored around the clock to make sure they’re always performing to the best of their ability.

Now, compare this to Uber. Can you say the same thing about their services? In the end, would you rather trust a total stranger to drive you to your business meeting, or a qualified transportation professional?

Even if you’re just by yourself on business or for any other reason, a professional car service in CT is a great alternative. You can always rest assured the driver has undergone only the utmost measures to ensure they best represent the company. Additionally, you can always call us for whatever concerns or questions you have about our services. Be sure to contact us for more information about professional transportation services.

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