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Keep Your Corporate Data Safe During Travel

Business travel is stressful for a variety of reasons, but the responsibility of keeping confidential information safe is one of the topmost. Potential thieves and cyber criminals can easily identify someone traveling for business versus someone traveling for leisure, so the person traveling in a suit and tie is most likely to be targeted. For that reason, you have to be extra careful about what information you access over public networks. Most importantly, you need to keep these things in mind to prevent corporate data from being compromised.

Don’t Forget the Obvious Safeguards

It’s always important to revisit the tools keeping your data safe on a regular basis. Things like having strong passwords, keeping your pockets light, having a lock on your luggage and not leaving electronics unattended for any amount of time are all obvious, but worth revisiting. It can be easy to pull out your mobile device and do work while on public transportation, but you may be better off using a corporate car service to do that since the best services have secure Wi-Fi.

Pack as Little as Possible

The less you pack, the less is at risk of getting stolen. Most corporate data today is stolen virtually, but if a thief sees a laptop or other device exposed in your bag, they will jump at the opportunity to take it. When you use corporate transportation, you’ll be able to get to and from your destinations with ease since you won’t have as many bags to haul around.

Re-consider Using Public Wi-Fi

Using public and unsecured Wi-Fi is one of the biggest ways corporate data gets stolen. Any time you use it for work-related activities, you’re risking a potential hacker gaining access into the network and seeing what you’re doing. Consider purchasing a data package to stay secure.

Use a Corporate Car Service You Trust

Using a corporate car service you trust will go a long way in keeping your corporate data safe. Drivers will always protect your information with utmost confidentiality. Be sure to do plenty of homework before you book your corporate transportation and learn what steps they take to ensure confidentiality.

At Core Car, we’ve spent the last 25+ years ensuring every one of our corporate executives won’t have to worry about confidentiality issues. We take every client’s privacy seriously, so contact us today to eliminate one worry from your travel plans.

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