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5 Tips for Planning Your Corporate Travel for a Business Meeting

Planning a business meeting can be stressful. Figuring out how you’ll take care of your corporate transportation needs can be as well if you don’t use the resources available to you. A Long Island car service can help ease the stress of planning corporate travel for any business meeting. Here are some valuable tips to consider the next time you have to plan corporate travel arrangements.

1. Know How Many Attendees You’ll Have

Nail down your list of people who will be attending your business meeting or event. Depending on the amount, your Long Island car service may have to use multiple vehicles in order to provide the best service. To ensure none of your business partners or clients have to find their own transportation, be specific with the corporate transportation service.

2. Have a Specific Agenda

When you are specific with the timing of meetings, arrivals, departures and other events, your business meeting will run more smoothly. Plus, when you’re using an airport car service in Long Island, you won’t have to worry about your guests waiting around for transportation once they arrive.

3. Think About the Amenities

The amenities in every luxury corporate vehicle differ. Some may have WiFi, others may have refreshments and others may just be basic. Decide what amenities you want to have for yourself, business partners and clients so they will feel like they’re receiving a personal experience.

4. Take the Meeting Location Into Consideration

The meeting location and time are two important factors to consider when booking a Long Island car service. You need to allow for extra time to start your meeting if your guests will have to travel through a busy part of the city during rush hour. You don’t want anyone to be anxious about possibly missing the meeting because the car service you booked for them is running late.

5. Call a Corporate Transportation Service in Advance

The best planning you can do is to call your Long Island car service well in advance of your meeting. You should be focused on your guests and ensuring they will be comfortable at the meeting itself. Allow the corporate transportation service to take care of the other details.

For more information on how to fully utilize a corporate transportation service and plan for your next business meeting, be sure to contact us.

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