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Our Top Five Suggestions for Planning the Best Business Trip

Due to the large amount of stress and the expense of traveling, many people are tempted to skip it completely. After all, with modern innovation, you can get by with video conferences and phone meetings, right?

However, the truth is it is much easier for you to win business when you present your service or product in person. In fact, according to one survey, 81 percent of business people believe having face-to-face meetings help and build better and longer lasting relationships. Also, 47 percent of people believe they have actually lost clients because they never scheduled and an in-person meeting. Here are some suggestions for planning the best business trip.

  1. Create a Plan and an Itinerary

Now you are faced with arranging your business travel. From booking the flight, reserving a hotel and finding a quality corporate transportation service, your “to do” list can get lengthy in a hurry. The good news is, there are some tips to help. However, before you dive in, it is a good idea to create a plan. Make a list of what you need to do and when it needs to be done. This ensures you have a manageable list of things to do.

  1. Do Research Ahead of Time

A huge source of unexpected travel stress is due to subpar hotel accommodations or inefficient transport services. Prior to booking anything, hotels, flights, professional car service, etc., take some time to do some research. Reviews can provide you with quite a bit of information. As a result, you know what to expect and can choose the service provider that best aligns with your needs.

  1. Give Yourself a Time Buffer

You need time. Time to get to the airport. Time to check into your hotel. Even time to find the car you have rented. You need to make sure you provide a sufficient time buffer between activities. Regardless of how well you plan, there is bound to be at least one speed bump along the way. When you have given yourself a time buffer, you don’t have to worry about being late for anything.

  1. Pack Light and Pack Smart

If it is possible, only travel with a single carry-on bag. This offers a number of benefits. You don’t have to load the bag in and out of the professional car service you have hired, you don’t have to carry it through the busy airport and you don’t have to worry about anything getting lost.

  1. Take Time to Relax

Unfortunately, even after all your careful planning and packing, things still may go wrong and you may still experience stress. When this happens, you need to take the some time to relax. If you are stuck at the airport, take a walk. Stretch your legs and get some air. The good news is, planning for your business trip can help things go smoothly, but not everything is in your control. Try to keep this in mind on your next trip.

Are you planning a business trip in the near future? If so, make sure you get the services and accommodations you want by planning ahead. Not all corporate transportation providers are created equal. If you need quality service at an affordable price, make sure to contact us right away. We can help you have a smooth, hassle-free business trip.

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