A car service in CT demands the use of manners.

Three Ways to Be Mindful of Your Limo Manners

Being in a stylish and sophisticated limo can make you feel like a million bucks. You get to experience a bit of luxury driving around town, turning heads and making those around you envious. Yes, you feel like a true VIP. However, just like your mom taught you as a small child, you still must mind your manners. In case you’re not up on your limo manners, we have three ways to help you so you, those around you and your driver enjoy a smooth ride.

Keep It Professional with Your Driver

While any driver from a car service in CT will be courteous and professional, you must keep in mind they are professionals. They will introduce themselves and usually limit themselves to things like, “How are you?” but will not get into long, drawn out conversations unless it’s at your request.

There are certain things you should expect from limo drivers with a car service in CT, such as meeting you at an airport with a sign with your name to pick you up and they will also carry your bags to the limo. They will also open the doors to let you in and out so don’t feel taken aback. Simply respond with a nice “thank you.”

Keep Your Group in Order

If you are traveling with a group, you should first let the car service in Stamford, CT, know ahead of time to make sure a particular limo is equipped to handle your entire group. The safety of you and your guests is top priority. Once in the car, while it’s understandable you all are excited, don’t get too wild and crazy. You shouldn’t be a distraction to the driver or cause him or her to put themselves in danger due to your group’s antics. It’s a good idea not to hang out of windows and yell and throw things at people. Keep it classy!

Also, don’t allow yourself and your group to trash the limo. It should be in the same condition it was when you all entered. Pick up after yourselves and those around you. After all, who wants to ride around in a pigsty?

Know Your Seating Order

It may not seem like a big deal, but when you rent a limo from a Greenwich car service, there is an order you ride in when you are dealing with executives, special guests or other power hitters. When it comes to a VIP guest, they get the “power seat,” which is the one on the back right.

Unfortunately, the most uncomfortable seat is the one that’s facing backwards and is known as the “jump seat” and is reserved for the junior executive. It’s never a good idea to allow the C-level executive to sit in this seat or the middle seat in the back, especially if you value your job.

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