What to Look For in a Corporate Car Service

When you’re booking a flight to an important corporate event, picking up a business partner from the airport or taking clients places, the last thing you want to worry about is unreliable transportation. A reliable corporate car service allows a company to spend more time doing business and less time worrying about the little details. However, not all car services are equal. There are a few different things to take into consideration before you decide to book appointments with just any car service.

  1. Longevity

If you’ve found a long-running New Jersey car service, there’s a good chance you can rely on them. When it comes to any transportation service, people tend to be critical about the service’s quality. A company’s long existence should be a good sign they are trusted within the community.

  1. Amenities

With technology changing almost every day, you’ll want to look for a transportation service that constantly evolves technologically. A good company will streamline the entire process, from the time you’re researching and booking an appointment to the time the service is complete. The vehicles themselves should also have things like Wi-Fi, television and any other amenities you need for your business and clients.

  1. Awards and Customer Feedback

Finding a Long Island car service with many awards and recognition is a good place to start your search. Look online and in magazines to see how the company you’re considering stacks up against the rest in their area. Also, don’t take customer feedback lightly. Since we’re dealing with corporate travel, you will see some honest opinions about the level of service, both good and bad. Transportation companies thrive off of referrals, so also check with colleagues, if possible, to get an inside scoop.

  1. Safety

Most importantly, you need your corporate car service to be safe and reliable. Most reputable companies make their employees go through a lengthy screening and training process before they can drive clients around. Be sure to ask the company for proof of insurance and to explain the safety features and procedures they use for their service.

When you look at Core Car, you will realize we have each of these different points. We would love to be your provider for reliable corporate car service, so contact us today to book an appointment.

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