5 Special Occasions When You Should Book a Private Car

There’s really never a bad time to book a private car. Whether you want privacy, a place to celebrate, or a professional aura, a private car can add significant value to your day or evening.

Renting a private car always offer a small slice of luxury. Your clients will love it. Your colleagues, employees, investors, and partners will, too. Some of the best occasions to hire a private car and driver include:

  • Before the Big Meeting

There’s never a better time to book car service in NYC than before heading to the big meeting. If you’re closing a deal, securing a deal, or negotiating, it’s imperative you arrive in a professional manner.

  • Investors In Town

If you’re hosting investors, then hiring a New Jersey car service to pick up your special guests at the airport and more is essential. You need to keep investors happy, and nothing says we appreciate you like black car service and professionalism.

  • Office Events

When you’re taking the office out for drinks or dinner to celebrate your latest successes, you don’t need to worry about getting everyone to the party. Instead, book car service in NYC to ensure your most valuable asset, your employees, make it home safe from the company sponsored night on the town.

  • Hosting Conferences

Companies hosting conferences in the Big Apple often require private care service from the airport to the convention location. Don’t let the logistics of arranging rides for attendees detract your company from presenting the information you need to at the conference. Hire a professional car service to ensure transportation is turn-key for all attendees.

  • Corporate Retreat

If your company goes on corporate retreats or team building activities, a black car service will reduce any hassles regarding logistics. Instead of worrying about when and where – focus on enjoying your team and building a bond together that’s sure to turn into profits.

The Manhattan and New Jersey Car Service You Need

If you need car service in NYC and the surrounding areas, there’s only one company to call: Core Car. At Core Car, we specialize in offering private, exclusive car services for our clients. Get in touch today to schedule your special outing.

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